Modern storage facilities have evolved considerably from the ministorage warehouses you may associate with self storage. Location, layout, size, look & feel and complexity are drastically different today. Land consuming single-story facilities on the edges of town are being replaced with dense multi-story buildings on compact sites with designs that resemble retail and office buildings in order to conform with zoning requirements for urban locations, closer to the customers.

All storage structures aren’t created equal and there are significant cost implications to every design decision, both in upfront construction costs through long term operational efficiencies. 

Whether you are a first time storage developer that needs to understand the economic drivers in storage design and construction, or you’re the seasoned storage veteran, that’s looking for a design and construction partner to help identify any and all potential cost savings to their previous designs – Metrolina Builders and our 50 years of design and construction experience in this self storage industry is the partner you seek.