As leaders of your organization, you’re tasked with being good stewards of the resources entrusted to you. That can feel overwhelming. How do you solve current needs for space, while also planning to accommodate future growth and needs? How do you make sure your design and plans can be built within the project budget? Choosing a design-builder or general contractor with extensive religious planning, design, and construction experience, and then pairing them with an architect early in the process, is crucial. 

For over 50 years, Metrolina Builders has held a special place in our hearts for working with churches and religious institutions on a variety of projects, ranging from initial multifunctional, multipurpose spaces to new sanctuaries, education builds, and recreation facilities for well established congregations. Churches have unique requirements, and we believe that understanding your specific needs is where it all begins. Unlike some other facilities, most churches do not have a full time staff that can dedicate their time to designing and building their new facility. Metrolina’s church experience allows us to manage the entire process on behalf of your building committee, keeping them engaged and informed at each step of the way in order to produce a space that not only reflects your ministry and worship style, but also brings your vision to a full reality.